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Session CONCEPT 2D3D4D®

Treatment plan First consultation digital.
Understand the logic of the workflow 2D3D4D and it’s organisation.
Master the design and display the treatment plans.

7 hours of video / 980 € (in french)

Session  2D in detail

Mastering 2D media: from the clinic to the laboratory.
Understand and master the realisation of an emotional session.

7 hours of video / 980 € (in french)

Session  3D in detail

Master the choices of navigated or guided surgical technics, make the choice of your intraoral camera, face scan limits of use.

7 hours of video / 980 € (in french)

Session  4D in detail

The contributions of Modjaw.
Master the vertical chewing cycles, choose the DVO increase, increase your know-how the functional choices that will change your exercise.

7 hours of video / 980 € (in french)

Occlusion Online session

Prosthetic occlusion & digital tools
animated by Prof. Jean-Daniel ORTHLIEB

From analog to digital
Professor Orthlieb reviews the state of the art, the procedures in conventional technique, their interests and their limits.
We will illustrate the corresponding digital method and we will see the contributions of digital digital method for these situations, the advantages and limitations of these new technologies.

6 hours of video / 980 €

To understand in parallel the contributions of the of the digital method, interests and limits
  • Occlusion of maximum intercuspidity
  • Centered relationship
  • Choose your reference position and your DVO
  • Bite planes and curves
  • Guides and function
Prof. J-D. Orthlieb
Faculty of Odontology of Marseille - Aix-Marseille University. Doctor of Dental Surgery, Doctor in Odontological Odontology, Doctor of the University of the University of the Mediterranean. Professor of Universities, In charge of the discipline Oral functions/dysfunctions, Visiting Professor of Donau University - Krems - Austria, Former President of the National National College of Occlusodontology, Full member of the European Academy of cranio-mandibular disorders (EACD), Past-President of « International Academy of Advanced Interdisciplinary Dentistry». Author of 144 publications and 7 books.

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